ADVANCE DIRECTIVE REGISTRY announces its consumer public opening of its national registry!

FREE registration of your advance directive, durable medical power of attorney, POLST form and similar documents is now open for a limited time.  Help us deliver a state and national registry for public use.
All registrations are private. All information is treated with HIPPA compliant software and with strictest confidentiality. Registration can be made online.

Ron Fernandez is co-founder of Advance Directive Registry. One of America’s rare experienced individuals in this new medical record storage concept having developed and maintained the registry for the Commonwealth of Virginia for many years. This practical experience has allowed him to make advances in the software and develop an improved system that is actively being promoted with Physician Orders for Life Sustaining Treatment (POLST) related organizations to assist first responders (ambulance services, fire and police), with Health Information Exchanges, hospitals and doctor offices. Lawyers can deposit the records after drafting and know that the records are available throughout the country to all that use the system.

Ron has developed 5 computer patents (and one pending approval) related to medical records and has extensive experience in advance directives and disability records.

A planned release for ambulance services is also proposed soon as a first of its type in the nation providing information connecting physician orders for patient treatment with first responders in the field.  The result should be improved patient care and reduced costs for the nation’s medical systems.

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