Protect End of Life Wishes

The Advance Directives Registry is a service that gives you the power to safeguard your end of life wishes. Many people have taken the time to get advance directive documents only to end up in a situation where they were incapacitated and their documents were not accessible. This advance health care directive registry attempts to solve that problem by offering a document storage service that is more practical than a shoe box.

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Privacy and Security

The online database of Advance Directives Registry is held in a confidential and secure site, protected by the most up-to date web security standards. All information submitted will be used only by authorized individuals and will be kept completely confidential. This information will not be shared or sold. To read the more detailed privacy statement, please see the link to the left side of the registry page

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Friends And Family Access

From within the Advance Directives Registry you can give your Friends And Family access to view documents that you have stored. They will be provided with a registration number for your account and the PIN that you selected during registration.  If you wish to restrict access to your account at any time, simply change your PIN.

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Register your Advance Directive Documents

The registry is national, allowing you to upload several types of advance directive documents from all 50 states. It was made to be as simple as possible so that people with all levels of familiarity with internet technology would be able to sign up and register their documents. Once you sign up and register you will be sent a registry ID that contains your registration number, emergency contacts and primary care physician information. The registry makes it simple for designated agents, providers and family members to access your wishes with copies of your registry ID card.

The registry also has a help desk that provides customer support in case you have questions or issues regarding sign up and registration. Did we mention that signing up and registering is easy? An account with the Advance Directives Registry will give you peace of mind as you will always know that your end of life wishes are secure.

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Next Steps...

If your last wishes are not known to others and you want to store your Advanced Directive Documents within this registry select the Call to Action to begin the process of storing your documents.